Cleaning your Home

Our Updated Training and Processes 

This section details the updated processes and training procedures being changed as a precautionary measure by all The Maids franchises. We have already implemented the following procedures and held training meetings with all staff - which was translated in real time by a bilingual Team Leader. We will be constantly following up and retraining to ensure these processes get entrenched in the way we work.

Disinfecting Cleaning Procedures:

  • We use Neutral Disinfectant (ND) which when used properly kills the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other viruses (see useful information tab for more on this product).
  • The team leader will prep each room at the start of the clean, exactly like our current bathroom function. (The bathroom function remains the same.) Lightly mist ND on high-touch hard surface areas and objects like door handles/knobs, remotes, phone receivers, counters, bathroom surfaces, and non wood tables. .
  • We let ND sit on surfaces for 10 minutes. After the product has dried, we begin the low dusting procedure with ND/cleaning process .We will not spray ND on electrical items like light switches (Instead of spraying electric areas directly, we will spray a cloth, and then wipe the area clean), nor use ND on baby toys, toys, highchairs, or cribs. Instead, we will wipe these objects with a wet microfiber cloth or dry dust.

Standard Procedure Guidelines & Enhancements:

  • All team members will wear gloves during cleaning and change them if they break. Gloves will always be changed between homes. We dispose all used gloves.
  • All cleaning cloths will be switched out between homes and thoroughly laundered each night. This includes scrubber Dobies and other scrubbers, and high duster cloths.
  • Disinfect brushes, buckets, knee pads, vacuum tools, cords and powerheads by spraying items with ND and allowing it to dry for 10 minutes.
  • During the team leader's walkthrough, the team leader should lightly mist ND on all high-touch surfaces throughout the home. The team should then follow regular procedures for high and low dusting after the initial disinfecting procedure. This update will allow the ND to sit long enough before we begin the low dusting process, to properly kill viruses.
  • Floors: We will use ND for floors. In high-traffic areas we will use floor cleaner first and then clean the area again using the damp mopping process with ND. We will not dry the floor after ND product use. This process will be the same if we are hand wiping or damp mopping.

About The Maids Vacuums:

The Maids equipment and processes capture a high level of bacteria to mitigate germs and viruses, while improving the indoor air quality. Overall, The Maids' ProTeam vacuums provide a deeper, more healthy clean. The vacuums allow teams to vacuum areas upright and canister vacuums can't reach. Also, the power and HEPA filtration system have been approved by the American Lung Association to improve the indoor air quality.

About ProLevel Filtration:

The Maids' vacuums retrieve soil and safely contain harmful particles within a ProLevel Filtration system, featuring multiple levels of filters, preventing them from being reintroduced back into the environment.

Using extreme suction and ProLevel Filtration process, ProTeam's vacuums are 99.9% effective at capturing particles at 1 micron and larger - a unit of measurement that indicates a size of approximately a millionth of a meter, and includes bacteria, mold, pet dander, pollen, and dust mites. ProTeam is a proud partner of the American Lung Association. Together, they fight for clean indoor air so that we all can breathe easier.

The unique method of suction vacuuming cleans carpets, hard floors, and other surfaces without stirring up dust - so the air stays cleaner, furniture collects less dust, and team members can work without breathing unhealthy air.